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Information about us is a web site owned by Mr. Gustavo Rossi Santomauro and operated by Daedo USA Inc. We are a private Corporation registered in the state of Nevada, U.S.A and with our headquarters office at 2360 Corporate Circle Ste #400 Henderson, NV 89074-7722 Office Telephone/Fax: 702-940-8029. We are registered with Better Business Bureau and enjoy an excellent reputation in the industry. Legal Disclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way to Daedo International and its registered Trademarks, products and affiliates. We are a bona-fide Incorporated U.S.A.legitimate business operating an on-line retail store featuring a wide variety of sporting goods and martial arts supplies and diverse brands and do not claim affiliation or exclusivity to anyone of the brands we resell. We re-sell GENUINE Daedo products and our customers are well aware of the fact that our company is in no way currently connected with Daedo International and its world affiliates. There is NO confusion whatsover about our differences from Daedo International as we claim to be a different company Our name Daedo USA is translated from Korean to English as the "Great Way" or "Great Path" to the USA. Our main warehouse address is 3418 Hwy 6S. Suite B-107 Houston, TX 77082 In addition, we have distribution centers in New York, California, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, Washington and DC